Our Purpose

We will set the price and lead time standards for machined and fabricated parts and assemblies for the aerospace industry. We will drive costs down and mutual profits up through cellular manufacturing and continuous improvement activities.

Our History

Cox Machine was founded in 1954 by Ernest “Bud” Cox. From his experience as a machinist at Cessna Aircraft Company and Kansas Tool, Bud decided that he had the necessary skills to open his own shop.

1956 – The Early Years

He constructed a 16 x 20 foot building on his property from scrap wood and began Cox Machine with four tools: a mill, a lathe, a shaper, and a drill press. The drill press was a Christmas present from his wife, Ruth Ann.

Initially, finding customers was a difficult task. Bud was still working another job full-time, and he spent nights and weekends trying to solicit work. After six months, he got Cox Machine’s first job. When he received his first check, he used it to buy his wife a gold watch.

1958 – Ready to Expand

As Bud’s reputation spread, he gained some new customers. By 1956, the business had outgrown the small building, and Bud moved Cox Machine to its own site, northwest of Wichita.

Cox Machine’s original building on this site was purchased from a man who had won the building in a poker game. The building had no plumbing, and so an outhouse was erected on the property, which soon become home to a very large snake.

1961 – Capabilities Expand

As Cox Machine continued to grow in size and reputation, the facilities were continually expanded and improved. More and more equipment was added to expand Cox Machine’s capabilities.

1979 – New president

In 1972, Bud retired from Cox Machine, and his son Steve assumed the role of President and General Manager. Also in 1972, Cox Machine purchased its first CNC machine.

1993 – Growth

Through the following years, Steve Cox continued to expand the customer base, facilities, and capabilities of Cox Machine.

2000 – new facilities

By 2000, Cox Machine had outgrown its home of 45 years, and construction began on a new site, approximately 1/4 mile east of the original site. Construction was completed in 2001, and the new site now houses Cox Machine’s primary Machining Operations, as well as the Administrative Offices, Quality department, Planning and Production Control Department, and Shipping/Receiving.


In 2002, Cox Machine acquired the assets of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, formerly John Weitzel, Inc. This expanded Cox Machine’s capabilities to include sheet metal fabrication.

2010 – Expansion

In 2010, Cox Machine added 30,000 square feet of manufacturing space to the Wichita location. The expansion allows us to continue the creation of manufacturing cells to increase our capacity.

Our Leadership Team

Jason Cox


Brenna Davis

COO, Tech & Space

Don Harris

COO Aerospace

Doug Hayes


Jeff Coon

Senior Director of Quality