Advanced Technology

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Cox Machine, Wichita, KS

Leveraging Advanced Technology To Compete Globally

At Cox Machine, our commitment to advanced technology puts us a step ahead of our competition. We are able to offer military and commercial aerospace customers, satellite and launch vehicle customers, and semiconductor manufacturers globally competitive pricing within our core capabilities and shorter lead times.

Our Strategic Priorities


Cox Machine is dedicated to utilizing processes that lead to consistent, high-level performance. As our needs change, we remain focused on improving processes through automation, which includes eliminating clicks, steps and touch time. We continually look at every aspect of our workflow for potential improvements.

Industry 4.0

Marrying advanced manufacturing techniques with the Internet of Things (IoT), Cox Machine creates manufacturing systems that are interconnected and also communicate, analyze and utilize information to drive intelligent action.

What Else Sets Us Apart

  • Forward Thinking

    Cox Machine plans ahead during the quoting phase, which includes designing new cells, generating transition timeline charts, creating new facility layouts or designing facility expansions when necessary. Sometimes we even run the parts. Completing these activities during the quoting phase gives us great confidence in the project.

  • Supplier Partners

    Treating our suppliers as partners allows Cox Machine to reduce costs through the entire supply chain. Through long-term agreements with our suppliers, we can acquire fixed pricing, shorter lead times, reduced minimum charges and vendor-owned inventory. Cox Machine partnered with our cutting-tool manufacturer and became an Aerospace Research and Development site for new cutting products. By partnering with our lender, we have created strong financial support for growth.

  • Cellular Manufacturing

    Cox Machine focuses on designing cells around a variety of part families. The simplified cell process eliminates production bottlenecks. We have real-time scheduling data so we can work on only what the customer needs. Cox Machine level-loads our cells to ensure we have the capacity and our cells have little to no change-over time, allowing us to run smaller quantities and shorten the lead time.

Partner With Cox Machine

We are proud to manufacture precision parts, components and assemblies for customers globally. Please contact us at +1 (316) 943-1342 to discuss your needs!