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Wafer Fabrication Equipment

Partnering With Semiconductor Manufacturers

Cox Machine manufactures components and assemblies for the semiconductor manufacturing industry, partnering with customers to help build the wafer fabrication equipment that makes the chips. We have segregated areas and cleaning procedures to prevent contamination of critical components, and Cox Machine supplies product that is ready to enter clean rooms.

Extensive Capabilities

  • High-Speed Aluminum Machining
  • Hard Metal Machining
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Heat Treatment
  • Assembly
  • Functional Testing
Cox Machine Wafer Fabrication Equipment Components Assemblies

Dedication to Quality

Cox Machine holds the following industry registrations, as well as many customer-specific qualifications.

Partner With Cox Machine

We are proud to manufacture precision parts, components and assemblies for customers globally. Please contact us at +1 (316) 943-1342 to discuss your needs!